Supporting Women

We believe all women should have access to sanitary protection during their period.

Together we can end period poverty


Raising money to provide sanitary pads

Hearts Charity supports women in crisis by providing non-toxic sanitary pads.

Whether you’re a school, business, community group or individual, simply click on ‘Start a Fundraiser’ and set up your page now.

You can also support the cause by buying pads.


Reproductive Rights in the Workplace

Our team needs your help!

We are gathering research on reproductive rights in the workplace. 

We want to collect statistics on the real experiences of women and people who menstruate in the work place. Many people suffer from their periods at work and not enough companies address this issue.

Here at The Hearts Charity  site, we want these issues to be taken seriously.

The survey is completely anonymous and will help us identify how companies can improve their policies regarding menstruation.

Click on the survey button below to fill in the survey.


Help women in crisis by donating today

It’s not just money you give when you donate. You preserve the dignity of refugee women because they no longer have to use strips of their clothing as a substitute for sanitary protection. You give female students more opportunities to fulfil their ambitions because they’re no longer missing days of school during their period. You give homeless women and those in low income employment one less thing to worry about every month.  

How your donation will help?

11,083 sanitary pads. Helps 123 women for 6 months
55,416 sanitary pads. Helps 615 women for 6 months
110,832 sanitary pads. Helps 1,230 women for 6 months
221,664 sanitary pads. Helps 2,460 women for 6 months
332,496 sanitary pads. Helps 3,690 women for 6 months
554,160 sanitary pads. Helps 6,150 women for 6 months
(Based on average need of 15 pads per month)

Who We Help?

Women in Rural Area

More women living in rural area have little or no sanitary protection. The situation is so desperate that they have to resort to tearing strips off their clothes to create make-shift pads. Working in partnership with charities on the ground in rural camps we’re helping to preserve the dignity of women by supplying non-toxic sanitary pads directly to them.

Homeless Women

The number of homeless women in the Malaysia is on the rise. According to Shelter, rough sleeping rose by 15% in 2017 and 14% were women. We’re working with homeless charities, women’s refuge projects and food banks in the Malaysia to donate sanitary pads to women who can’t afford to buy food, let alone sanitary protection.

Donating non-toxic pads to promote better menstrual health

The women we support have enough to deal with without worrying about whether their pads are ‘safe’ for use. That’s why the pads we donate are made from natural ingredients only – free from harmful chemicals that exist in other sanitary products on the market.

If you’re a company that produces non-toxic sanitary pads and would like to donate your pads to women in crisis, we’d love to hear from you. Please get in touch. Thank you.

Supporting homeless women

Donating sanitary pads to the growing number of homeless women in Malaysia

We’re focusing on a more strategic approach to reach the growing number of homeless women by working with local authorities and local charities.

We’re making progress, but with the growing number of homeless women living on our streets, we’ve got a challenge ahead of us. Your donations will help us to reach more women, sooner.

Periods don't Pause for Pandemics

Dealing with period poverty amid Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has plunged the whole world into survival mode, economies are crashing, both at a macro, country level, and at a micro, household level. At times like this, issues that are not openly discussed such periods get easily overlooked or neglected, and this can leave women and girls in a desperate situation.


There are vulnerable women in every society, where the lack of affordability or access to period products causes extreme distress; where in many situations, cultural taboos around menstruation are used like a weapon against them. Women are often their own worst enemies, having never firmly and positively asserted their human rights in this regard. This lack of conviction or confidence has inadvertently helped to create or reinforce the culture of keeping quiet about periods. As a result, women are suffering, from boardrooms, to classrooms and front rooms, there are women and girls who are too embarrassed or afraid to say that they need sanitary pads or tampons. During lockdown, women and girls who had previously depended on the safety net of free sanitary pads at school or at work, now have this additional problem alongside all of the obvious worries.

As we work to safeguard the wellbeing of our families during this difficult time, we must also be considerate of the indisputable fact that women’s periods don’t pause for pandemics.

Supporting women in low income employment

Donating sanitary pads to food banks in Johor

Many women on low incomes, even those in professional roles, are struggling to afford sanitary pads. The role of food banks has never been so necessary within our communities.

It’s a start, but we’ve still got a long way to go. With your support, we can provide sanitary pads to even more women while continuing to raise awareness of this widespread issue. No woman should face period poverty.